How I'll use technology for good in 2017

My plans for personal open source work over the next year.

Open source work for the Shuttleworth Flash Grant

What I accomplished as part of a grant supporting my open source work.

My open source work in 2016

An overview of what I worked on over the past year.

Launching City Arcade in 2017

Creating a small business for tech education and events.

Documenting my open source work also means documenting myself

Documentation of my experiment in a month-long documentation sprint.

A personal end of year report for 2016 & a plan for 2017

What I worked on this year and what I'd like to do next

How might residents contribute changes to improve public datasets

Researching, prototyping, & usability testing a project focused on building UI components for collaborating on open data.

First Seattle NodeSchool event!

It's about to happen!

Ship & Treasure. A card game.

Hey play this game I made!

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