I’ve worked as an independent developer and designer for the past 4+ years, have built websites for the past 10 years, and actively build, maintain, and contribute to open source software.

I write code, and I also spend time doing research, creating design mockups, conducting usability testing, and writing.

I’m on the board of Third Place Technologies, a non-profit that fosters community empowerment and well-being through innovation in technology.

In 2013 I cofounded Open Seattle and for over 4 years organized events that gathered volunteers to work on civic technology projects.

You can find me on github and twitter.


I started learning design as a young person making zines and working on student newspapers. In 2006 I realized I needed to stop designing print projects and move my work to the web. I’m experienced with both Photoshop and Illustrator. I’ve also learned a great deal about usability testing, human-centered design, and over the past couple years I’ve made those approaches a bigger part of my daily work.


I studied journalism in school, and I’m excited about the idea that the practices I learned in journalism are very applicable to documenting our software and the communities around that software.

I’m always improving the docs I create for my open source projects, documenting the work I produce for clients, and building tools to make the process of documenting easier.

Community organizing & education

I’ve organized events and projects as an organizer of Open Seattle, a volunteer group focused on addressing local issues with technology. I’ve mentored new coders on JavaScript, Node.js, and Git. For three years I worked as an advisor to a student news organization at The Evergreen State College, advising students on the use of technology in their newsroom.


I’m a strong user and advoate of a new wave of UI framework modules like bel, yo-yo, and choo, that make it easy to create UI components without complicated development tools.

I also have experience with react, backbone, jquery, and other JavaScript frameworks.

I’ve created custom UI frameworks for clients, have built a small framework using virtual-dom, and am constantly building small modules to make front-end development easier.


I first started learning to build the server side of web apps with Ruby, Rails, and Sinatra, and decided a few years ago that I wanted to focus specifically on Node.js and JavaScript.

Now I’m building web apps with Node on a regular basis. I’ve built prototypes for startups, maintained long-term projects, and received grants for open source Node/JavaScript work.


My first experiments & learning in web development & design were customizing Wordpress and Drupal themes. That was over a decade ago, and since then I’ve built sites for clients from mockup to finished product, lead workshops and given talks on HTML and CSS, and enjoy creating reusable, open source HTML/CSS components.

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