Hello. Why are you here?

about me

There are a lot of fun activities that I currently do, used to do, never wanted to do but did anyway, etc.

about this site

Sometimes I write proper articles and they show up on this internet web log. I'm always so happy when I do this. It doesn't happen very often. When it does happen I'm always so surprised and pleased.

I try to take rough notes regularly about what I'm working on. I like to write notes instead of acting on the impulse of posting on social media sites. The results are much more useful. I was going to put those notes on this website. But I haven't done that yet. Instead I have directories of markdown files on my computer that are only seen by me. Maybe I'll keep it that way. Maybe I'll put something else on this website. I have no idea.


I need to warn you that I'm very bad at responding to things.