Launching City Arcade in 2017

I'm creating a small business named City Arcade as a platform for work related to journalism, technical education, and community organizing.

Activities will include:

I expect that for the next year or more City Arcade will be a part-time, evenings & weekends project while I do consulting or a full-time job as my main work.

Education & events

Technical education is important. There are many online resources for learning to code. There are also many expensive in-person bootcamps and trainings.

There's a lot of room for inexpensive student-focused programming education that's both accessible to people with less privilege than folks who are able to pay thousands of dollars for a 3-month bootcamp, while still being sustainable for the organization holding the trainings.

Through City Arcade I'll be working on learn-to-code workshops and other events focused on technology education and documentation.

For example:

The weird future

The word arcade is in the name. That's no accident. I love games, electronics, interactive media, and weird art. I'm interested in exploring the intersection of learning, placemaking, technology, and design, and how playful projects can have a positive role in community engagement and digital literacy.

How you can help

Building City Arcade will take a team, and you should be on it.

Attend an event!

Join us as a participant at one of these events:

Sponsor an event!

Sponsors are needed to help cover the costs of the events listed above. See sponsorship info for each event:

Talk with me about consulting opportunities

You need work done involving Node.js, JavaScript, design, or documentation. I'm here to make it happen. Send an email to

Send a kind letter

Interested in what City Arcade is doing? Want to say "hey this looks cool!" or want to get involved? Send an email to

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